* ICSE 2018 *
Sun 27 May - Sun 3 June 2018 Gothenburg, Sweden

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Gothia Towers - The conference venue - Price: Small room 1420 SEK, Standard single room 1599 SEK, Standard double room 1777 SEK
Hotel Onyxen - 5 minutes walking distance, 10 minutes by public transportation, 5 minutes by car - Price: Standard single room 1152 SEK, Standard double room 1420 SEK
Spar Hotel Gårda - 25 minutes walking distance, 16 minutes public transportation, 8 minutes by car - Price: Standard single room 835 SEK, Standard double room 1112 SEK
STF Göteborg City Hotel and Hostel - 25 minutes walking distance, 12 minutes by public transportation, 10 minutes by car - Price: Standard single room 1099 SEK, Standard double room 1456 SEK
####Other Hotels There are plenty of hotels of different categories in Gothenburg. An extensive list of the hotels you can find at [Go:teborg & Co Hotels] (http://www.goteborg.com/en/hotels/?page=2&tags=&startdate=&enddate=&datetype=&view=listing) also showing on the [hotels map] (http://www.goteborg.com/en/hotels/?page=1&tags=&startdate=&enddate=&datetype=&view=map)

You can use the interactive map to find your hotels on Google.

Room Sharing

If you are interested in finding another ICSE attendee to share a room with, visit page Conference share facility. Note that this resource is only to get a contact with people who want to share a room, then you have to book a room in agreement with the mate you found.