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Sun 27 May - Sun 3 June 2018 Gothenburg, Sweden
Fri 1 Jun 2018 11:40 - 12:00 at G1 room - Models and Modeling I Chair(s): Jon Whittle

The prevalence of design problems may cause re-engineering or even discontinuation of the system. Due to missing, informal or outdated design documentation, developers often have to rely on the source code to identify design problems. Therefore, developers have to analyze different symptoms that manifest in several code elements, which may quickly turn into a complex task. Although researchers have been investigating techniques to help developers in identifying design problems, there is little knowledge on how developers actually proceed to identify design problems. In order to tackle this problem, we conducted a multi-trial industrial experiment with professionals from 5 software companies to build a grounded theory. The resulting theory offers explanations on how developers identify design problems in practice. For instance, it reveals the characteristics of symptoms that developers consider helpful. Moreover, developers often combine different types of symptoms to identify a single design problem. This knowledge serves as a basis to further understand the phenomena and advance towards more effective identification techniques.

Identifying Design Problems in the Source Code (ICSE_2018_draft2.pptx)5.15MiB

Fri 1 Jun

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Models and Modeling ITechnical Papers / Journal first papers at G1 room
Chair(s): Jon Whittle Monash University
Propagating Configuration Decisions with Modal Implication Graphs
Technical Papers
Sebastian Krieter Magdeburg University, Thomas Thüm University of Ulm, Sandro Schulze University of Magdeburg, Germany, Reimar Schröter Magdeburg University, Gunter Saake University of Magdeburg, Germany
A Combinatorial Approach for Exposing Off-Nominal Behaviors
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Kaushik Madala , Hyunsook Do University of North Texas, Daniel Aceituna
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Identifying Design Problems in the Source Code: A Grounded TheoryAward
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Leonardo Da Silva Sousa , Anderson Oliveira , Willian Oizumi PUC-Rio, Simone Barbosa PUC-Rio, Alessandro Garcia PUC-Rio, Jaejoon Lee Lancaster University, UK, Marcos Kalinowski Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Rafael de Mello , Baldoino Fonseca , Roberto Oliveira , Carlos Lucena , Rodrigo Paes
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Predicting Future Developer Behavior in the IDE Using Topic Models
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Kostadin Damevski Virginia Commonwealth University, Hui Chen , David C. Shepherd ABB, Inc, Nicholas A. Kraft ABB Corporate Research, Lori Pollock
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